LinkAssistant Enterprise SEO Tool 4.6.1

Pick of the month: Link Building SEO tool. Get all the features you need to build and manage links in one SEO kit: find partners, generate professionally designed link directory, send out link requests, verify your links, generate customizable report

LinkAssistant Enterprise SEO Tool 4.6.1

LinkAssistant Enterprise is the SEO software that's gonna set your link building campaign on steroids. For every link building task out there LinkAssistant has a tool to help you do it faster, better and easier.

To find relevant sources of quality links you get 6 Partner Search Methods.
Each method has a Quality and a Relevance Filter. You set up the filter and only get the links that match your quality criteria. For instance you can search for link partners with PR of 4 and above only. That makes the links you build with LinkAssistant as good as if you hand-picked each and every on of them.

Once you find the partners you can set up links to them with the help of Customizable Link-Directory Generator

Your links pages will have professional look and feel even if you have little or no HTML knowledge. LinkAssistant also helps you make your links section easily navigable and search engine friendly. The tool leaves no footprints on your website and your links page looks natural both to the search engines and to your visitors.

Send out dozens of link exchange requests and sound personal and convincing in each letter. LinkAssistants fully functional email client is a feature to love.

LinkAssistant has an onboard Internet Browser that helps you complete numerous link exchange forms in a button click. Save some time for your hobby, instead of wasting it on routine tasks like that.

Checking manually if your partners are linking back with the right anchors is a hell of a job, so leave it to LinkAssistant. The tool will crawl your partners' websites and report all violators who don't wanna give you the link juice you deserve.

You also get a Link Popularity Monitor to measure how effective your link-building is and improve it and Customizable Reporting Tools that let you keep track of your link-building: all the data on your activities and achievements is unscrambled and laid out for your analysis.

Get the free download and try it out!


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